159 and done

After almost two and a half years of writing this blog I came to a decision last night.
The decision to stop blogging.

I have loved writing this blog more then I could ever say. It has helped me in so many ways to grow, and get through the things I have gone through in life. I have got to document so many wonderful moments, and put down my thoughts on serious and random subjects. I was able to connect with others. I was able to rejoice when you had wonderful news, and mourn and pray for you through the hard times. As well as laugh with the fun and funny things you would write about. It has been a joy to be a small part in the blogging community. I am so thankful to everyone who has followed this blog at one point or another. For the comments and the likes, and the silent readers I didn’t even know were reading. I am so thankful for the journey this space has been for me.

For anyone who has followed me from the beginning you know this all started out very random. Writing about whatever was on my mind. Big or small, happy or sad, funny, or heartbreaking. That continued somewhat through out. This space was also where I grieved the loss of my first child. Miscarrying was one of the hardest things I ever went through and having a place to talk about how I was feeling helped me so much. Then this blog became about the beautiful gift that is my daughter. I wrote through out my pregnancy, and have updated on her life. I love being able to go back and read about all the sweet things she did, and being able to remember those moments. because they have gone by quickly. Then this also became some what of a food blog, as we started a real food journey and then went Vegan. I wanted it to be themeless which it has been in ways, but my life also has had themes. Which I am thankful for.

Since becoming a mother it has been harder to keep up with this blog. Anyone who has been paying attention knows I haven’t written much lately. This last year in 2015 I wrote 42 blogs, compared to the year before, 2014, when I wrote 65. And in my first 4 months in 2013 I wrote 51. I have written far less then I was able to in the beginning. Even though it was less I am glad I did it. I am glad that I wrote every post that I ever did. It’s all a part of my story.

If we are being honest, which I have tried to be on this blog. About 6 months ago my parents¬†separated. And were divorced by the end of November. After almost 30 years of marriage. It’s taken a lot out of me these last 6 months. All the issues going on with my family and dealing with such a major life change. It’s made it really hard to write. Although there was a part of me that wanted to write a lot about how all of it made me feel, I just felt like I couldn’t do that here. Which is unfortunate because I know how much writing helps me. But thats part of why I haven’t been writing, and part of why I’m stopping now.

I will still check in to read other peoples blogs. Because I do care about the people I have met here. I want to see where your journey’s lead you. I wish you all the very best. I hope and pray for¬†happiness¬†and blessing and great health for you! Again thank you all so much for following my story. It really means so much to me! Even though I don’t feel like I have made a huge impact if anyone still wants to know whats going on with me, I recently joined Instagram. So you can follow me there if you would like @VeganMommyWifeLife.

I also just want to say that even though I do feel some sadness in ending this blog, there is also relief. I put stress on myself to write and the more time that goes by without writing the worse I feel about myself. So Its taking some stress away from me. Stress that never should have been there because I do write for fun. I wrote to inspire others and make people happy and hopefully to help others who have gone through similar things as me. But still there has been some stress and I am trying to live a more stress free, positive happy life right now. So on that note I wish you all a happy, less stressed, positive, peaceful, joy filled life!

{ Bethany }


A New Years Update ūüéČ

Another New Year already! It’s a little hard to believe but so welcomed. A new year brings a fresh start and a hope for better times. As well as determination to work harder and to enjoy life more. 

The holiday season was very enjoyable, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve were all spent with family, and we had a lot of fun. We even had a white Christmas this year! 

We are still enjoying our new lifestyle and have been vegan for two months now. For us it really hasn’t been that hard. We have no desire to ever go back, and Im very much enjoying eating loads of fruits and vegetables! 

Our sweet Eleah will be 1 1/2 next month! I can hardly believe how fast her second year is going. She has so much energy, and is learning so quickly. She loves Mickey Mouse, coloring, and pretending to feed her toys. Its adorable! 

Im usually not one to want to rush into spring, but two weeks into winter Im ready for it! I love the snow, wearing cozy clothes, and making us nice hot soups to keep us warm. But I miss being able to be outside with Eleah! She Loves going outside! And we have so much fun taking her to the park, going on walks, or just sitting on the front porch. Im ready to be able to do that again. Plus keeping her cooped up in the house makes us both a little stir crazy. It’ll be quite awhile though before it warms up, so I guess I need to find more indoor activities for her. Any ideas anyone? 

My husband Ryan and the other guys from his band are about to finish recording and mixing their second album. After all the hours they have put into it I’m very excited to get to hear the finished product soon! He’s actually gone right now working on it. For anyone who doesn’t know a lot of work goes into making an album! 

I have been blogging now for over two years, but lately I am having a hard time finding time to do it. As well as finding inspiration for writing topics. It was a lot easier before I had a baby! Sometimes I think of calling it quits, but I enjoy it when I get to do it. And I really like getting to read old posts so I remember what happened. Which is why Id like to write more, I just need to make the time for it. Maybe that will be my new years resolution. ūüėČ

Speaking of if anyone remembers my goal/resolution for 2015 was to be able to drink black coffee and enjoy it. And I have been drinking my coffee black for two months now and for the most part I do enjoy it. So mission success! 
Much peace, love and happiness to you all in this New Year! I hope it brings you many many wonderful days and blessings! 

{ Bethany } 

I don’t know.¬†

“So much has happened. 
I don’t know what to do. 

It feels like everything has changed.

I don’t know how to rebuild whats been broken.  

We’re all thinking a million things, yet so little is being said. 

I don’t know what words could help. 

Where once there was comfort, now there is distance. 

I don’t know how to get back to the way things were before. 

Before everything fell apart. 

I don’t know how things got this bad. 

It didn’t all happen at once, its been falling for years. 

I don’t know how I didn’t see it coming. 

Why are these things coming between us? 

I don’t know why things can’t be clear.

The life we once knew is over. 

I don’t know where this new life will lead. 

Will things ever be better? Or is this our new normal? 

I don’t know whats coming next, I only hope its lovelier then this.

We’ll all be alright, but alright isn’t shooting very high.

I don’t know about you, but I wanted more for everyone. 

My heart is sad and confused. 

I don’t know that my mind is much better. 

I sit wishing I knew what to do, praying, so often praying. 

I don’t know what God’s plan is in all of this. 

Sometimes I forget about the problems. I focus on my own little happy world. 

I don’t know how well I would be if I didn’t.  

But it always comes back to me, there are always reminders. 

I don’t know how to ignore it for long. 

All these things are to big for me, to much for me to fix alone. 

I don’t know if we will all work together again though. 

It makes me wonder how well we ever did. 

I don’t know the last time we were all together. 

In my memories there were days that were right, the way things should be. 

I don’t know now how right they really were. 

With everything thats happened everything feels mixed up, conversations, memories, feelings, the truth. 

I don’t know how we got here.

I don’t know how or when things will be fixed. 

I don’t know.”

I thought Vegans were crazy. Then I became one.

In the past I understood vegetarianism. I respected it and even kinda wanted to do it. But I thought there was no way I could give up meat forever. I had seen a video about how chickens are raised and thought it was really sad. But I kept eating it.

Like most people.

When we switched to a mostly real food diet in April I embraced the eating of whole milk, eggs, cheese, butter, honey and meat, along with our vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains. Because it was all Real Food. I was giving up so many unhealthy things why would I stop and think about the health issues behind animal products? All the real food people embraced them? We needed them to get all our nutritional needs in right? Thats what I thought. And then with one small choice to watch a documentary, on a late October day, everything changed.  

When I started watching Vegucated I thought I wouldn’t agree with everything, because Vegans were crazy right? I mean why give up milk products, eggs, and honey when those animals naturally make them? What was the big deal? Well let me tell you, there are lots of issues!

When I finished the documentary I knew I wanted to be vegan but thought I couldn’t give all those things up. So I decided to be vegetarian. In talking to my husband he agreed to being vegetarian. Later we watched Vegucated together and he wanted to go Vegan! I still didn’t think we could do it. Cut back on animal products sure, we could cut back. But quit all of them at once!? As much as I wanted to I didn’t think I could.

Talking about it and researching it more it suddenly became a no brainer. And these brand new vegetarians went Vegan! Just days before I would have said there was no way! No way I would give it all up. But its pretty amazing what information will do for you. Learning what goes on in the dairy, egg, and meat industries is life changing. For you and all the animals that won’t have to be tortured and killed thanks to you stopping supporting the industry. Not to mention you’re helping save the planet. Its a win win win! And let me tell you for those that would read this and say, “I could never do that!” Trust me you could! Once you know the truth its pretty stinking easy to give up the foods you love. Because no meat, cheese, or egg dish is worth the pain and suffering caused to get on your plate.

We have been Vegan for a month now and I have no desire to ever go back to eating those things again. Its a bit of an adjustment to not eat them but like I said, once you know the truth its not that hard. It is hard being around those that do eat animal products. Once you have seen videos of the suffering and sadness between a mother and baby cow being torn apart. Its heart breaking to watch someone drink a glass of milk or sprinkle cheese on their meal. Once you have seen baby chicks die and suffer their whole life, watching someone eat eggs is disturbing. Once you have seen cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, fish, and other animals being beaten and murdered. Seeing someone eat meat just doesn’t make sense.

You can’t unknow once you know. Knowing the truth isn’t easy. But taking part in such unfair and unjust suffering and death is far worse.

Im thankful I know now. Thankful that I can stop taking part in the horrifying things that go on every day. Thankful that just maybe I will inspire someone to look into this, and maybe they too will make the compassionate choice to give up animal products, and respect the lives of all of Gods amazing creatures. That is my hope.

I know I won’t change everyones minds. I know people will think we are crazy. Disagree, argue, and try to convince us why we are wrong. Its already happened. But people disagreeing with me, and thinking Im straight up crazy won’t stop me from doing what I know is right. I am happy, excited, and at peace with our new life choices.

Of course Veganism goes into far more then just not consuming animal products. And most likely I will ¬†touch on some of the other subjects at another time. But the first and biggest step was to give up milk, cheese, meat, eggs, and honey. Which we have done. We are also working on switching our household products to ones that don’t use animal products and aren’t tested on animals. Going forward we have more changes still, but they are so worth it!

If you are interested in Veganism and want to know more about it, or are considering going Vegan yourself here are some helpful resources!

You can watch Vegucated Here! The Documentary that got us started!

When trying to learn more about going Vegan I found the youtube channel Bite Size Vegan. Emily the girl who runs the channel is Amazing! I absolutely love her! She is so kind and compassionate and delivers the vegan message wonderfully! She has Great videos covering so many vegan topics.

After already going Vegan I watched theses speeches and documentaries.  Had I not already been vegan I would have been after seeing them!
Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech Ever!
101 Reasons to go Vegan!

So There you have it! I have become one of those crazy Vegans! And I couldn’t be happier about this decision! If you have any¬†questions¬†let me know! I am very new to this and still learning, but happy to talk about it!


*1 1/4*

My goodness! How has it been almost a month since I last posted?!? Time is going by fast! Especially since Eleah turned one! 

On November 4th Eleah hit ths 1 1/4 mark! Or 15 months if you want to count it that way. I wanted to do a little update since I haven’t in a few months. 

Eleah is doing so well! Not to say its easy. There are lots of challanges in this inbetween baby and toddler stage. Not understanding no, teething, still not sleeping through the night, frustrations when she cant explain what she needs, not wanting to be held when she could be down running, getting more opinionated,(which isnt really a bad thing) not wanting to go in her carseat, playing rough with other kids, not wanting to be changed, and not being happy when she can’t have my full attention every time she wants it. Just to name a few. All normal growing up stuff that we are having to learn how to handle. We definitely have our hard days, but we are learning together and in so many ways things are easier now then they used to be. 

On to the fun stuff though! Eleah loves making animal sounds, its so cute every time she learns a new one! She is saying more words all the time. She still loves reading books, playing with her stuffed animals and baby doll. She likes to help us do jobs now, putting things in the laundry or garbage can, closing doors and drawers, putting things back where they go, and once she even helped me vacuume. It was pretty cute. She gets so excited to see family, and strangers. She waves and says hi to everyone, when shes in the mood to. She Loves Curious George cartoons! And we watch it more then Id like to admit.lol. 

Eleah eats pretty well, she’ll try anything, and likes most things we give her. She is still breast feeding quite a bit. I expected it to slow down by now but shes showing no signs of wanting to stop. Which im fine with. She loves being outside and playing with rocks. She likes to dance and sing, as well as being sung to. Yesterday she did a summersault for the first time. 

Her hair is getting so long, and I love purting it in little piggies or a bun… When she’ll let me. Last we checked she was still around 20 pounds. Shes wearing size 4 diapers and 18 month clothes. And 4s or 5s in shoes. She continues to grow and learn so quickly. We are always amazed when we can see that she understands us. Its so fun! 

Even with the challanges this stage is really great! I love my little girl so much! And every day is such a gift! Even the hard ones! She is so worth every rough moment! And we have so many beautiful, sweet, wonderful moments! 


Touches of Fall

Ive never really decorated for fall before. The only thing Ive really done is light candles, and I do that all year. This time around though I wanted to do a little more. Its not much but I like the subtle hints of fall around the house. If nothing else our home feels cozy and thats always my goal!


The last decoration is something I made and we are using it as the center piece for our thankfulness wall. ūüôā

I hope Fall finds you all happy, cozy, and peaceful! ‚̧

This Blessed Life

Every day holds some kind of annoyance, frustration, disappointment, or sometimes all three. Life isn’t perfect, there are issues we are dealing with, and things we can’t really do anything about. But even though there is stuff that isn’t great every day, there are things that are great.¬†The past few weeks I find myself thinking quite often about my blessings. Mostly my two biggest ones. Ryan and Eleah. My husband and daughter who fill my life up with so much joy. I sit and watch them and I am content. We are in a good place and getting settled into being a family of three. I love our life together. Being Ryan’s wife is a wonderful gift and I am thankful for him every day. And having Eleah with him is the greatest blessing of all. I watch her all the time and thank God we have her. After losing our first it is the biggest deal ever to have a healthy child. And I really try to not take it for granted.

I’d like to say this thankfulness is always my mind set. But of course I am human and its not. More and more though I am trying to focus on what matters. And to me its them. They are my world and I love my little world here with them. Even with the annoyances, frustrations, and disappointments that come with life. Its a blessed life and I am trying to keep that perspective.


Make home made pizza! Just do it! 

I have made home made pizza twice now and its fantastic! The first time I made a 100% whole wheat pizza crust. The second time I used 2/3 whole wheat 1/3 white to make it softer. It was fantastic! I also made a creamy spinach sauce, that Im calling Hulk sauce. ūüėČ

Both times I used white cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella. And topped it with veggies. The fun thing about home made pizza is how creative you get to be. I was a little nervous about making pizza at home but Im so glad I did! The first time it was really good, and last night it was great! I highly encourage that everyone try making it at home at least once! Because its fun and so delicious!

 { Bethany }

It’s Finally Here!

The end of Summer. 

*Huge Sigh Of Relief!*

I know technically the Summer season still has a few weeks left. Yesterday was in the 90s here. Today’s high is around the mid 80s and then its 70s as far as the eye can see! My heart is over filled with joy to see Summer coming to a close! Thank You Jesus! 

It has been a very long hot Summer here in Washington, with so many days in the 100s. I know some people love that kind of weather, and Im happy for them. But Im even happier for me because its over! Or at least I hope. Our town likes to play tricks on us. But I am very hopeful that we have seen the end of our hottest days. Bring on the Fall! 

Fall is my very favorite season! For anyone who has followed my blog the last few years you probably know this because Im pretty sure the last two years I have written blogs about my excitment over the coming Fall season. ūüėČ

Its just a beautiful time and I am so looking forward to it! 

Hello Fall weather, Fall clothes, Fall smells, Fall food, Fall electric bills, Fall Beauty! I have missed you! 

{ Bethany }